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In our list of genes expressed in bone tissue we found that most of them are expressed in cartilage. In addition to being classified as skeletal system related, many of these genes are also expressed in bone marrow, which is highly vascularized. Surprisingly, we also found that the expression of these genes starts at E16.5 and that they continue to be expressed in the adult, even though bone formation is not finished at this stage. The long-term goal is to have a collection of anatomy ontologies to permit the robust ontological classification of gene expression patterns in other postnatal mouse tissues.



This represents an early tool to augment the dissection laboratory with additional 3D anatomical dissection images. Because the dissection images that are widely used in the anatomy laboratory are two-dimensional static images that require rotational insertion into the computer by the student, a new virtual-reality-enabled dissection tool is needed to provide accurate anatomic structure models with high resolution for student study. This study has focused on developing a tool that is able to provide 3D anatomical structure models and show corresponding high-resolution two-dimensional images in real time by the student.

Vein is a principal target for the vascular pathologist, because the anatomic arrangement of veins provides information about the circulatory homeostasis. The veins in the mouse are remarkably consistent with those observed in other species, but their classification and nomenclature differs somewhat, because the vessels are categorized according to whether they drain or return to the heart. Commonly used nomenclature for mouse veins is accompanied by a brief review of the current understanding of the developmental and functional role of the veins at each level of the anatomy hierarchy (Table 2). These are followed by a brief review of the terminology used to describe mouse veins, and the unique anatomical and pathologic features associated with veins in the mouse. Table 2 Vein classification and general attributes

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