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The Dunes (2021)

Badumbum. The newest adaption from the novel hits theaters and HBOMax this week. Here are the spiciest lines and movie quotes from the Dune movie (2021). Need to know if Dune movie is ok for kids? This Parent Movie Guide will help you decide! ps- check out the best memes from Dune, too!

The Dunes (2021)

I've already written about my initial impressions the new Dune movie, and before that about why the Dune series is one of my favorites. Just to round out this little series of Dune content, at last I'm writing a full spoilery review of Dune (2021).

In the closing moments of Part One, Paul sees a figure riding a sandworm across the dunes of Arrakis, a hint at the Fremen rite of passage Paul will undertake in Part Two that further cements his standing among them. The Fremen will ride these giant, sacred beasts into battle against the forces of Baron Harkonnen in order to liberate Arrakis from the off-worlders who have plundered and persecuted them for so long.

Admittedly, Hollywood has never been known for its proportional representation of normal-looking people (you and me and all the other uggos), but is it possible that Dune (2021) has taken it too far? Is this the sexiest cast ever? 041b061a72

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