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Dragon Dictate For Mac Digital Download

If, after knowing its limitations and weaknesses, you plan to buy Dragon Dictate, then opt for the digital download version and pick up your own headset. A boxed version from Nuance will cost $199.99 with a cheap headset. The downloaded version is $20 less. You may save money getting the bundle, but you will still have the cheap headset.

Dragon Dictate For Mac Digital Download


The website to register the program is (There is another site for registering other Nuance products but it doesn't recognize your account for products that have been registered on the MaSspeech site.).To register the product you will need to set up an account (not an uncommon process) but that account will not be the way you access the download if you purchase the product by digital copy.If you purchase the program as a physical copy, I would suggest you register the product before you start installing but it really shouldn't be necessary because the program will prompt you to register if the install goes well.

What I was trying to do was purchase the Upgrade of Dragon Dictate 2.5 as the result of an email offer because I was a previous customer of MacSpeech Dictate 1.5. The website only seemed to offer to send me a physical copy with shipping of either $24 or $30 to Canada. When I decided I wouldn't buy the Upgrade because of the shipping cost, I found that I couldn't remove the item from the shopping cart and eventually couldn't even access the shopping cart. When I called the 800-number to complain they told me there was a problem on the website which wasn't offering the download which was my preference. They offered to sell me the digital download over the phone which I could then retrieve from the website with the login which asks for the order number and a password (which I think was assigned when I placed the order, but as I said, registration, download access, etc can be a forest and I was very confused by this time.)

I purchased nuance 2.0 dragon dictate for Mac. I can not get the computer to recognize the microphone provided by nuance. This microphone is recognized by my dell computer. How can I get the mac book pro to recognize this microphone?

I am looking to purchase Dragon for Mac from a third-party as I realize Nuance no longer sells it. If anyone is selling a used (or new?) version of dragon dictate for Mac please comment here and we can exchange contact info somehow. One company is selling version 5 on eBay, but they are new retail boxes, which I believe would require a new serial number, which I believe are now impossible to register with Nuance. See, -naturally-speaking-keeping-it-going-with-catalina.html#::text=Yes%20the%20latest%20version%20of,fact%2C%20ironically%2C%20Dragon%206.0

If you are queasy about speaking to a computer, you should try the free Dragon downloads that are available for mobile devices. They allow you to dictate into your phone or tablet without shelling out a few hundred bucks. Once you get comfortable with formulating ideas and then dictating them, you may want to spring for the professional version.

For Apple's voice dictation program I suggest using the earphones that come with the iPhone. The microphone captures dictation pretty accurately, and you can also program the microphone for [use with] Dragon Dictate. You can also download the Dragon Remote Microphone [No Longer Available] and sync it with Dragon Dictate on your Mac, and dictate wirelessly using your iPhone. Nuance also has voice dictation iOS apps.

For this review. we tested the service in two different ways. Firstly, we downloaded the mobile app to an iPhone 11. Using a set of Apple AirPods, we dictated the following text from an Irish Tines news article.

CPU: Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor. Faster processors yield faster performance.RAM: Minimum 4 GBFree hard disk space: 4 GB (8 GB when installing from a digital download)Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or a current version of Chrome or FirefoxA sound card supporting 16-bit recordingA DVD-ROM drive for installation (not required for digital downloads)Built-in microphone or a Nuance-approved microphone. See for more information.An Internet connection is required for automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process) and to access online help.

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