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The Wheel Of Time Book PDF

Origins of the Wheel of Time: The Legends and Mythologies that Inspired Robert Jordan is an new non-fiction book by Michael Livingston, with a foreword from Harriet McDougal. The book was released on November 8, 2022.

The Wheel of Time Book PDF

Below is a table from the International Handbook of Emotions in Education. It shows the relationship between these various factors and sub-systems, as well as their presumed functions (Pekrun & Linnenbrink-Garica, 2014). There are also plenty of books on emotional intelligence.

Moving to the center of the circle intensifies the emotion, so the colors intensify as well. For instance, at the center of the wheel, the primary emotions change from: anger to rage; anticipation to vigilance; joy to ecstasy; trust to admiration; fear to terror; surprise to amazement; sadness to grief; disgust to loathing. Moving to the outer layers, the colors become less saturated, and the intensity of the emotions lowers.

There are two ways to use the wheel, either as a two-dimensional circle or a three-dimensional ellipse. Utilizing it as a two-dimensional circle lets the individual dive into the emotion wheel. This then helps them discover what primary emotions they are feeling, as well as how emotions combine to create secondary emotions like awe, remorse, aggression, optimism, etc.).

While both wheels focus on emotions and their intensities, the GEW uses a different approach. To start with, there are no primary emotions, rather a set of 20 emotions that are evaluated by two sets of polar parameters (version 2.0 has 20 emotions, while the first model listed 16).

Alternatively, perhaps if your client has a mood disorder or experiences rapid fluctuations in emotions, you can invite them to complete emotion wheels as a form of reflection following emotionally heightened events throughout their day.

When completing your wheel activity, clients can provide ratings (e.g., regarding the intensity or frequency of that emotion) for each wedge of the wheel. Counselors can then use the final result, which looks like a spider chart, to facilitate discussion and reflection.

The next time one is experiencing certain emotions (which is an energy in motion), the individual has the ability to utilize all their gathered information, and self-knowledge, to find the path towards the outcomes they desire.

With the wheel of emotions and these golden rules in hand, life can become more manageable. Imagine a world where everyone had the language to pinpoint an emotion, and understand what they felt. It would help communication in every field.

Just curious. What ever happened to HATRED? Hatred is a very angry emotional response towards certain people or ideas, usually related to disliking something. Hatred is often associated with intense feelings of anger, contempt, and disgust. Hatred is sometimes seen as the opposite of love. For such a commonly identified emotion, I do not see it in any of these charts.

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